Introduction - dr. Váradi János attorney at law


I graduated from the Faculty of Law in the University of Pécs, while obtaining a “cum laude” rating. With the help of the ERASMUS scholarship I was able to partake in English study courses abroad, where I have taken up and passed successful exams in courses of EU law and other international legal subjects. Following my academic studies I have spent my three year junior attorney practice period at an Attorney’s Office situated in Pécs, Hungary. After a short time spent as an employee in the Attorney’s Office I started my self-employed praxis in 2013.

I have always had a special interest concerning civil law and company law areas, already during my university years, to which interest I have now added a professional experience and knowledge of almost 10 years.

I possess advanced level English and German language skills, which I regularly utilize during my work, often keeping contact with clients in foreign languages, both verbally and in writing. In many cases not only did I write foreign language letters, but also drafted bilingual contracts for my clients. Apart from the completed general type advanced level language exams, I have also acquired advanced level specialized law and economics language certificates.