Areas of Expertise - dr. Váradi János attorney at law

Areas of Expertise

During my professional career I have acquired wide experience in corporate law and civil law cases.

Without attempting to present a comprehensive list, I would like to introduce a few typical proceedings. However, as an attorney I provide legal services in all kinds of legal cases, thus do not hesitate to contact me should you require work in areas not listed below.

I also would like to emphasize that I also handle legal representation for both English and German speaking clients.

Company law, corporate law:

– registration, restructuring and termination of companies in Hungary (as well as drafting all the necessary documents)
– modification of Articles of Incorporation
– management of conversion, merger, and division proceedings
– transfer of (business) shares,  preparation of sales and purchase agreements
– increase/reduction of share capital
– initiation of voluntary liquidation

Real Estate Law:

– preparation of real-estate contracts (purchase, exchange, gifts, lease, rent, support agreements)
– preparation of contracts relating to beneficial right, mortgage
– Articles of Incorporations, Organizational and Operational Rules, Policy of Condominiums

Civil Law:

– preparing and commenting on civil law contracts (e.g. loan, lease, deposit, business, sales and purchase agreements)
– legal representation concerning civil law cases

Claim enforcement:

– sending out notification letters
– initiating payment order procedure, court procedures, or winding-up proceedings
– representation in enforcement proceedings

Family and inheritance law:

– marriage, cohabitation contracts, agreements terminating matrimonial property
– representation before court, managing settlement procedures
– child support cases
– divorce and other family law lawsuits
– preparation of wills, testaments
– support and annuity contracts
– representation in inheritance proceedings and inheritance law disputes

Labor law:

– legal consultation on the creation and termination of employment relationships
– drafting and inspecting related documents